The magnificent harbour with its internationally recognisable bridge and opera house has been used to perpetrate fraud for decades. Dumping criminals and political agitators directly into botany bay many years ago, may have had something to do with it. These days Sydney harbour is the Venus fly trap of Australia, tempting visitors and migrants with its stunning vistas, gorgeous victorian sandstone facades and international city status, but reveals upon arrival rented brick veneer, storm fencing and only RSLs shamefully filled with pokies to dull the regret. Behind the glamour of the harbour and exclusive suburbs there are bland, squeezed suburbs whose only interesting feature is regular flooding due to inadequate drainage. Unless you are a crime lord running night clubs and drug cartels, a financial wizard who can talk retirees out of their super or your ancestors were slave traders, you ain’t going to be living with a harbour view and a pontoon for the cruiser, any time soon. The best you can do is three hours a day standing on a train daydreaming about shooting your boss or getting a granite kitchen worktop.  Commuting in Sydney drives you mad. Sydney is a beautiful lady on stage, she winks, teases and beckons. But back stage you find you were seduced by an old man in drag and he wants to use you, right now.

Having attracted so many people and crammed them together in such a short time, tempers flair and Sydney now enjoys large scale drug problems, impatience, greed, violent crime, despair, corruption, grid lock, this rage, that rage and all the general nastiness that are the benefits of being a world class city.

Admire this throbbing metropolis, plugged hard and fast into the modern technological world’s cutting edges, but watch your backs , that lovely friendly local you met just minutes ago has your wallet and already maxed out your credit cards with electrical goods and if you are quick, you can place a winning bid for them on ebay before the police have time to throw your crime incident report into the bin, Sydney really is world class.

So you been to circular quay and eaten a kebab sitting on a ferry years ago, nowadays you head off for the burbs along roads built for horses but not progressing any faster than the horses did. Commuting hell, by bus, train, car or plane the local government is the world standard for not doing anything for the future except stopping anyone who may do something for the future in case they show them up. Sydney may have the most famous Opera House in the world but you’ll never get there in time for a performance.

Please note that you may be required to remove your pants on Sydney trains:

The once popular Mardi Gras has waned so much that there is a glut of crotchless leather chaps on ebay.  The once sassy Dykes on Bikes are now old ladies who should be in tweeds but the leather remains for safety and support rather than looks these days.  The original and genuine euphoria of being out and proud has waned,  most do not care about sexual orientation anymore and there really is a finite number of times “YMCA” and “Its Raining Men” can get the party going.

Sydney may not regard trains and buses as a priority but when it comes to fireworks there is nothing more important.  Sydney knows that social cohesion is gunpowder based and whenever the harbour set to be blown up, over a million will turn up to ‘ooh and aah’ before realising they are stranded.  To Australia’s other cities the fireworks are a pertinent representation of Sydney, …. after the fireworks and the harbour what is there?

      Kicka Troll
  1. Ginger Glasses

    The most horrible roads and the most aggressive drivers in Australia, the lane markings are too small. The only enjoyable driving experience was seeing the driver of a parked car suddenly throw his door open into the traffic and have it smashed off its hinges by a passing car. His attempts at trying to blame the car driving passed and his choking back tears at the same time made my evening.

  2. the last time I was in Sydney, I was harassed and threatened not once, but twice, when I was doing absolutely nothing. Just having a drink, chatting to friends in a bar in the city. Something that has never happened to me here. Yes there are bogans and morons here, but there are 4 times as many in Sydney.

  3. Spivney.
    It’s full of opportunistic petty criminals thinking they are US gangsters, but the only hood they know is the cheap chinese made hoodie that mum bought them at Target. Watch your pockets, hide your wallets and only carry undesirable phones.

  4. I just spent a long weekend in Sydney and the place is the pits. Traffic that doesnt move, suburbs that look like neglected slums. Everything costs more than the rest of the country.

  5. cooper - thepunch

    Bondi: Bogans with a surprisingly lot of money

    Cronulla: Bogans with some money

    Penriff: Bogans with no money

    • Lakemba: Ethnic Muzza-Bogans, who think they’re “cultured” and “European”(more like the Black & Latino gangstas in LA)
      Punchbowl: Same as above
      Maquarie Fields: Native Aussie Feral Bogans in their natural wild habitat


    A good general discussion on Sydney and other places is at
    Very honest comments popping the ‘Friendly Australia’ Myth

  7. Sydney is….
    1. A place with winding cattle track streets. The geographical lay out of the place is a mess. Even 20 years ago I saw typical bumper to bumper traffic jams -not on a Friday afternooon but on a Monday!

    2. Hideously expensive for housing, food and entertainment..because of the so called Sydney ‘premium price’

    3 Its live theatre venues are a joke. Think Star City… the tiny Opera House stage… ‘Also Sydent lacks in availabilty of other suitable venues .Kulture’ with the big capital K. – with all that inherent deep ingrained “pokies standard’ entertainment cultural mentality. What other proper legotomate venues are available, are scattered far and wide. The Sydney Comedy Festival proved that point , with failures due to transport problems.
    . 4 The busy networking on the peoples’ social treadmill.For example if one stands still for say 3 months, one finds all the so called ‘friends’ have already deserted and made new different friends to socialise with. Daily life is brassy, flashy and ‘continually transient’.

    5 A place to visit…….BUT always make sure you have an exit plan and a ticket to get out of the Town.

    6. The Habour! Yes that bloody Harbour physically slices the place in two. Sydneysiders always play up the Habour , and its benefits. Yet what percentage ACTUALLY get to enjoy its so called benefits every day? It is the base cause of Syney’s traffic nightmares.

    7 The one big thing I like about Sydneysiders, is ……….their inner honesty and openness.. They let people really know if they do, or do not like someone or something. No ‘beating around the bush’. And F….ck the P.C!

    • SYDNEY is the place you BYPASS if you’re on you’re way to Queensland.
      Dawn Fraser (old Balmain girl) was once proud of her city of Sin, but I wouldn’t be proud of Sydney now. Sydney today even fails as a “SIN CITY”’s not even Thailand’s bootlace…even after the Military Junta takeover!

  8. Bill from ThePunch

    Sydney has to be the most boring city in the country. There’s nothing to do, nothing to see, endless suburbs full of 70s architecture, a public transport system which is a joke compared to the rest of the country, a crime rate to be ashamed of, and horrible weather too (how do they handle all that rain?).

    • Sounds a lot like Mayor Bloomberg’s New York today Bill, they say Sydney is Australia’s “Big Apple”, taken over by the same boring, provincial yuppies, as NYC. No more art & culture. No more authentic alternative vice.

      • Interesting. Though I’ve had family visit New York and tell me how friendly it was compared to Sydney. That show you perhaps how low Sydney has sunk.

  9. Sydney is the USA of Australia – that is: Sydneysiders never look beyond their borders; think anything of newsworthy note happens in Sydney; and always proclaim to be the greatest at everything. Well I can say there about 20-50 major cities in China that are more modern, beautiful, bigger and cleaner than Sydney. But Sydneysiders never look outside their harbour. So it counts for nought.

  10. Sydney sucks and for everyone else I say count your blessings you weren’t born here.

  11. Sydney always looks its best in the rear view mirror.

  12. The Sydney Northern Beaches is great, unless you want your daughter to be a virgin beyond her 13th birthday

  13. I swear Sydney is trying to solve the over crowding problems by letting everything get so bad people leave and thus ease the strain.

  14. Sydney sucks,
    Boring, too crowded, and everyone there is an asshole

  15. Imagine if you lived down there and you didn’t follow that AFL game.
    You would be an outcast. Only provincial cities have that kind of thinking and is a perfect example why Melbourne will always be an also ran populated by people who couldn’t make it in the big time

  16. Canberra would have to be the absolute pits, Bill Bryson once wrote of it – “Canberra – why wait for death.”

    • No that’s “passe” compared to Sydney now in 2017, Canberra has WAYYYY more going for it, as well as Dubbo,Wagga,Albury-Wodonga,Griffith,Gundagai and most of regional NSW!

  17. Yes, Sydney sucks and is over-rated to say the least. SUV’s in the city, there are so many of them yet you cannot park anywhere. People want dogs even though their houses are tiny terrace houses, the dog barks all day and people just could not give a shit about neighbors or noise pollution. People are really bad at parking and driving, no consideration for others. Road rage and aggression is getting worse as our infrastructure begins to breakdown due to overpopulation. YES we are overpopulated, we are selling too many cars without building roads for them. There is no planning at all, and with such high rent and housing costs, and horrible people, the city of Sydney can be considered a shit hole.

  18. ulrike Zachmann

    Sydney is getting ever worse and it is greed and corrupt Govts. All money money money and no soul! The Sydney Naval Review, what a joke, a $40 million tax payer funded harbour party for the rich. Anyone wanting to see the boats had to have a ticket bought over the internet and the general public were not given details as to what was happening and when. There were motorcades of swish cars with dignitaries all over the place slipping into private venues with police escorts while the public gawked and police presence everywhere. What did they think the public were going to do, fart too loud? We were curious as the what all the fuss was about so went for a walk out to Lady Mc Quarry`s Chair being locals and all, as the Botanical Gardens were a ticket event only as were many other areas and no one really knew which ones were and were not. People were herded like sheep through a sheep run, a series of barriers that were put up, no joke. These barriers ran up and down and up and down until reaching a tent where bags were searched, for what reason no one knew. People then to had to walk some distance past more fences and barriers that allowed them to see absolutely nothing at all until right towards the end finally seeing a few lousy grey ships. The whole security thing was so over the top it really did make people feel like trapped animals. One could hear people mumbling and complaining all over the place as to how lousy it was. People were not allowed to sit near the water on the little rise off the footpath in case they fell in the water, only on the grass and there seemed to be many rules most of which were unclear to anyone and at discretion of security that did not police these fairly. Once one got to look at the harbour there were more party boats and smug looking ” I`m richer than you are so ha”, cruisers going past than anything else as people walked to Lady McQuarry`s Chair.
    The big cack was, just a little further on the other side near the in Woolloomooloo there were better views and no security. We finally got away thank god and went to Woolloomooloo and fuck the fire works, we went home.
    Many people did the wise thing and fucked off out of Sydney for the long weekend so mostly it was just tourists that came for a look and many were not happy with what they experienced and they will tell others I am sure. The whole thing was a big money spinner for the very wealthy and when it is all over, there will still be the homeless, the rotten roads and rotten public transport and crumbling infrastructure and we will be told we must get rid of our sense of entitlement and pull our belts even tighter.

  19. Q: What is the difference between a Sydneysider and a baby with colic?
    A: The baby will stop whining eventually.

    Q: What’s the only thing that grows in Sydney?
    A: The crime rate.

    Q: How bad is the economy in Sydney?
    A: Star City Casino was turned into a car park.

    Q: What is the difference between a bucket of fish guts and Sydneysiders?
    A: The bucket.

    Q: What does a Sydneysider have when he takes the wallet from a dead stranger?
    A: His bail money.

    Q: What do you call a Sydneysider that has been beaten, shot yet is still alive?
    A: Unlucky (He is still in Sydney)

  20. no ones mention how property obsessed sydney is even in the west

  21. Could not agree more. Those bloody fire works. Only the tourists still watch these,the rest of us shove in ear plugs.
    One day there will be an incident and everyone will just think it is another gaudy show with fire works and groovy lights. Can’t they think of something new?

  22. Sydney is the pits! Absolutely hate it. With a passion. Just moved here for studies at the start of the year. Now I’m looking at the 3 years I have left in this city and that absolutely pisses me. But you have to do what you have to, so I just pipe down and go by my way. It won’t change the values I was raised with, and that is to treat everyone with respect. That would be compromise of my own values and morals. And if you compromise yourself, then what else have you got? Most of all, it is the native sydneysiders. Complete assholes. Totally see-through. And yet they act as if they are not ‘the emperor walking around naked’. Totally exposed. If you are foreign or not from Sydney, you know exactly what I am talking about. Asshole sydneysiders, YOU ARE FAKE. A COMPLETE FRAUD. I laugh. The second, the costs!!! Ridiculous. These two things from my experience are the downfall of Sydney. The costs can be navigated though…it is primarily the assholic characters you have to put up as you are just trying to get day-to-day stuff done. It is a primitive, darwinian place. Note to future students, don’t be fooled. DO NOT COME HERE. You have been warned my friends. I don’t want to be the one to say I told you so.

    To all (highly numbered–can count on both hands) the genuine, great sydneysiders, I wish there were more of you around. You know who you are, I highly applaud you. Just wish there were more of you around. Then this place would truly be an amazing place to be. I even hesitate to leave this last comment because asshole sydneysiders, 99% of the sydney population, will want to assign the virtue I’ve just described to themselves. Stop that. You are fake, a fraud! Stop projecting your BS on others and stop putting your crap out there into the world. You are doing no one a service.

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  24. Sydney? Ugh. It’s a hole. I’ve been here too long for work reasons, God help me. Where do I start?

    1. Sydney Beaches – Overrated and the weather is so seriously crappy, that you can’t really plan to do anything outdoors any more than 4 hours in advance.
    2. Sydney Weather – Humidity, rain, and grey skies in Summer. It rained on Christmas Day here. Need I say more.
    3. Sydney Drivers – The worst I’ve seen in all my travels across the globe. Aggressive, and if they’re not speeding, they’re going 30k’s over the limit. And they SPEED UP to get to a red traffic light. Hello!?
    4.Sydney Trains – Foul, smelly, food and rubbish dumped everywhere. Eating is permitted on them and with no windows to open, you’re forced to be gassed by someone’s stinky ‘whatever’ from China Town.
    5.Sydney City- Pollution *cough* I’m not sure I’ve actually been there – I must’ve accidentally caught the bus to Beijing, that day.
    6.Sydney Prices – After traveling overseas, I can’t justify the cost of living here. The rent etc etc. For what? Crappy weather and bad drivers. 7.Sydney Roads – Traffic jam, anyone? Seems karma does launch itself on those crazy drivers, but at the expense of half of NSW being jammed up for a smash that happened on one ‘tunnel’ in the city.

  25. Frederick J. Uwkoclbs

    Sydney is literally heaven on Earth, and everyone who wants to visit Australia should go there. There are no beautiful, virgin, pristine beaches (and women!) outside of Bondi; no good fresh seafood South of Paddy’s, and the views of Australia outside of the harbour and the Blue Mountains are, missable – to say the least.

    No, please don’t leave Sydney, rubbish-dropping, Monster-energy drinking hordes of people. Everything you need is here. Freedom is slavery.

    • And bewdiful ethnic segregated ethnic enclaves (just like LA, Sydney’s sister city in sleaze), like the Mexican & Black enclaves in LA (eg Watts, East LA), But Hey! Sydney has Lakemba, Cabramatta,Punchbowl, if you desire to see 3rd world Sunni Islamic culture, or visit Bondi Beach or Double Bay & see plastic yuppy, cocaine snorter wannabees & rich kids on drugs (inc Abe Saffron’s grandson). And of course Sydney is wunderrful compared to the polluted shit hole cities in Mainland China (smog from making all that cheap junk for Wal Mart stores) and that’s why all of these wunderful red-necked, fat,jolly, yellow, whiteys from China land are all invading Australia’s “TOP” premier city and buying up all of the over-priced real estate , so they can enjoy Premier Baird’s wunderful lock-out laws, exclusively in their ultra wealthy, segregated enclaves in Potts Point, Double Bay, Bondi Beach etc and heck,right next to Jamie Packer’s new casino, as that’s there all is in a China man’s life, gambling, flipping & making money & quick sex,crap greasy food.Perhaps Abe Saffron should re-incarnate back to 21st C Sydney and make some dosh off these much like him, they say the original “Mr Sin” was a China man back in the 1970s who was big on sex-slave traffic, made Abe Saffron look like a Catholic Saint!

      • The Chinese, Korean, and Arabic immigrants in Sydney are not community minded. One only sees white Australians volunteering in the community such as the volunteer SES and volunteer fire service when watching the news about flooding or fire. Chinese, Koreans, and Arabics could not care less about anyone else but themselves. This lot make life in Sydney hell.

        Why is there a dedicated Asian crime squad?
        Why is there a dedicated middle eastern crime squad? We did not need these before.

        They do not cover their mouths when they cough. They push and elbow instead of lining up in a queue. They are loud and shout and do not seem to talk quietly. They cannot walk on the left of the foot path nor walk in a straight line. They bully and intimidate. They shout instead of debating or discussion. And they stare. They stare at people because they are better than others in their minds. Yet if you look back it infuriates them and sometimes they shout and become aggressive. This is the behaviour of peasants.
        This is how they behave in their villages where they are from. And when they come to Sydney they continue to do so because the Australian government and juditial system are so weak.

        If you look closely, there are not many white Australians left in Sydney. Many of the people here in Sydney have olive skin, brownhair, black hair, dark eyes or if they are white, they are of Slavic origin.
        It is very rare to see a fair skined Australian with blue eys, hazel eyes or green eyes. It is even rarer to see a fair skinned Australian with rosey red cheeks. They were every where in the 1980s and 1990s but have been pushed out by the peasants arriving from third world countries such as China, Korea, and so on. These people are peasants. Uncivilised peasants. And constitute the majority of the Sydney population.

        So, the trash that most of you are complaining about are most probably not even origionally from Australia.

  26. I’m an American with a long history in New York before moving to Asia and now live in Sydney with my partner.

    I’ve lived many places and Sydney is undoubtedly the worst. Everyone on this thread is

    • Everyone on this thread is absolutely spot on. I think what gets me the worst is that Sydneysiders are so unbelievably arrogant and pretentious that they cannot even see the absurdity of their daily lives. They drive like maniacs on roads which are crumbling beneath them in 24-hour traffic, pay millions of dollars for a 3 bedroom house while ice addicts loiter outside their front gate, and marvel at the “gorgeous” beaches and scenery which are constantly smothered in pollution and haze. Watching them dote on their spoiled kids in $2000+ prams is further entrenching the entitled, status-obsessed materialism of this place.

      I will admit that their food is definitely good, the restaurants are pretty reliable and (at least in theory) it’s nice to have the harbour nearby. But anyone who’s lived in a real city knows that this place is an absolute farce.

      I just can’t recommend that anyone come here for any reason, we have been here almost 3 years but are now moving back to Asia, which is infinitely more interesting and fabulous than Sydney. Not that they want to even admit they are more Asia than America here…

    • Your native New York today sucks big time as well (just like Sydney) over-run by trust-fund yuppies, phoney wanna bees, pretending to be cool & hip, should all go back to Long Island & Rhode Island where they came from! Crazy Joey Gallo would turn in his grave…and over here Uncle Abe Saffron would flip in his Jewish grave.. to see how dull & expensive & clinical & dull, Sydney has become!

      • Sorry to hear it. Always hear Sydney compared to L.A though more so than New York. I have never been to the States but at least I know two places to avoid.

  27. I respect Clover Moore. And the only things I want to remember about residing in Sydney are the teasing memories of a delirious short-term liaison. Overlooking the harbour! (Nice blog, btw.)

  28. 56andoverit

    Nice place mostly good people.BUT there is no way of making fair money from honest hard work and skills.Have been here for 50yrs and worked for 40.Unless you are connected to the hip there is no way to a better life here.Your toils will always be sucked by the parasites that rule this city and nation.Shame because this a truly beautiful country.

  29. I left Sydney over ten years ago. It is truly disgusting to see how overcrowded and unfriendly it has become.
    And shallow, my god are the people shallow and materialistic.
    I live in Cairns now and am so grateful to be here in the tropics. I visit Sydney every couple of years to see the family. Best part is when we leave and get to land back in Cairns. Sydney always makes me appreciate what I have so much more.
    I feel sorry for the people that feel stuck there. If they have never left to live somewhere else they will never know just how awful their standard of living is. Sheeple will do what they do though. Human nature.

  30. feel free to make a thread and add more comments… is the hell hole of the world its a blood sucking place unless you have alot of cash ..the place sucks you dry without even trying to do anything, might be a great place if you come from a 3rd world country, everything here is made in china with a premium price, more then 200,000 new migrants will be arriving per year also australia has no visa limit, hate to lose a job here when u owe 600k+ of trying to build a family, middle class is gone , long distance travels, lifeless no entertainment , people are hard to talk to unless your introduced and think your strange if you try and engage a conversation these days, there is laws for just about everything over governed, turn the tv on and all you see is bad news not one good thing, muggins rapes, try and let your kids play outside? ……….get out while you can and spread the word on how low sydney has become.

  31. Sydney may not be perfect and suited for everyone, but nobody forces you to live here. I’m sure there is a place in Australia that suits everyone. If you don’t like Australia nobody will stop you to live outside.I mean the anonymous person who complains about haze and pollution in Sydney and then claims Asia is more interesting for him/her obviously tells half truths. It depends on your definition of interesting, however that facts are the The pollution and filth and weather in in many parts of Asia is absolutely shocking. I guess it all depends on your own experience, but never think the grass is always greener on the other side. You may come out disappointed.

  32. Angela Kaperonis

    Sydney is horrible, house prices too high, too expensive to have a coffee or a meal. It’s becoming an awful crowded place, bad transport. Newtown is boring just has cafés, the noise of the cars is bad. King street needs to be closed and become a corso

  33. Angela Kaperonis

    Sydney is horrible, house prices too high, too expensive to have a coffee or a meal. It’s becoming an awful crowded place, bad transport. Newtown is boring just has cafés, the noise of the cars is bad. King street needs to be closed and become a corso. Too many gays in Newtown, hardly any straight men

    • I really don’t ‘get’ Newtown and why it’s so well known. It’s just as ugly as the rest of the suburbs.

  34. The last time I had anything to do with old Sin City, was with this old mate, called Jamie(and Jamie was only in town for business) and the Kings X prices were sky high through the roof & the on whole the place was run to the ground. Then a few months later 2 other guys me & Jamie know(called Luis & Mick) went to Sin city for a few days and believe me Luis was so un-impressed, he prefers Phuket Thailand anyday! Mick also thought Sydney was a over-rated,rip-off & compared to Phuket in Thailand(where Luis & Mick usually go for holidays) Sydney gave the 2 guys the impression of being “shallow” and on the “nose”.
    Believe me folks, when the old ‘Godfather’ of Sydney(Mr Abraham Gilbert Saffron) died in Sydney back in September 2006, a part,in fact most of Sydney’s “cultural” vibrancy died with him!

  35. I blogged a lot on and have noticed they have taken the website down. Maybe people in Sydney/OZ couldn’t face a few home truths about the place? All I have to say is work it out yourself- find out what makes you truly happy, who you’re tribe are and what you stand for in life. If Sydney and OZ does it for you then, great. Most people I dare say are ‘stuck’. Most people don’t have a choice and most are trying to make the best of a bad situation or one they aren’t totally in control. I find being with like minded people helps but Sydney requires a ‘denial’ mindset in order to live here sanely and of course the less you think the less you’re aware of and that makes for blissful living. You’ll get the ‘like it or leave it’ monologue that doesn’t truly want to engage because it helps to be arrogant rather than seek another perspective and maybe make you develop personally. No Sydney/OZ isn’t into that. Maintaining a certain level of maturity (immaturity) is all that is required for the country as a whole – that’s why we have the politicians that we do. We’re not that different to any other British New World creation actually (thinking of Trump here). So Sydney for me sucks not because of the cost of living, not just the bad driving and traffic, awful public transport, superficial and materialistic people. The worse thing for me is the inability to progress socially. Discrimination is OK because it’s worse elsewhere in the world and legislation ensures it nabbed if it ever happens to be a criminal activity. As a non white person don’t ever expect to be mistaken for being an Australian; you’ll be asked about your background despite being a 2nd, 3rd and now 4th generation non white person. Australians are friendly people if you look like and speak like them. In Sydney you’d be lucky to get conversation full stop. And there is absolutely nothing truly cultural to do here. Nothing. Those who survive here live in their own little ghettos of people who look like me or they belong to Church groups that force their Christian values to be charitable to those different to them. You work out….

    • Sydney is blegh.. the city is stressfull smelly and old looking!! The only thing I like is the harbour but what good is that if the rest is shit

  36. Lived in Sydney most of my life and I can guarantee Sydney is shit. Was shit but had some good points until 1995. Road tolls suck, get charged $6 to travel 20m. People are rude. Pedestrians are stupid, always walking in the middle of the road, wearing dark clothing and talking on their phones. Conversation is painfull, normally always centres around real estate. No culture or community, most people that live here are not born here and do not understand what the city was like and how people use to behave (though sometimes this is a blessing!). Drivers are terrible and public transport is non-existent in many areas. This is a city for the super rich and the1 percenters. Counting the days before I leave.

  37. I would rather live in Brisbane or melbourne even Adelaide has it’s charms. You could not pay me to live in Sydney

  38. Sydney people are on the most part, vacuous, un-intellectual and stupid. If you want to know the average IQ of an Australian (that’s right, not just a Sydneysider), google ‘Les Patterson’. His character reflects Australia’s cultural cringe just as accurately today as it did years ago.

    Australians are simpletons. There’s no complexity, sensitivity, or je ne sais quoi.

    Perhaps the most worrying feature of the average Australian bogan is ‘tall poppy syndrome’. The idea that everyone has to be a ‘mate’ (derived from convict times) and can’t outshine another ‘mate’. Confidence (which is derived from anything intangible such as intellectuality) without the material possessions to back this up always leads to bullying and the need for the unremarkable, very average group to attempt to destroy the tall poppies life. That’s right, people in this convict, isolated backwater don’t celebrate success like the Germans or Americans (who are even worse peasants than Australians), they denounce it as being un-Australian.

    Another good reference point is ‘Kath & Kim’. If you have been blessed not to waste 35 hours getting to Australia from the rest of the world, watch this TV show and it will give you an ideal insight into what brain dead conformists live in this land of sport, booze, materialism, booze and sport.

    People who are attracted to Sydney think one thing – harbour. The fact that that’s all they base their decision on when deciding to come here says a lot … peasants (literally!), often from poor parts of the world who have a tendency to be flashy and corrupt.

    Also, don’t expect to experience any ‘Australiana’ in Sydney. You’ll think you are in the middle of Beijing, if you get my drift … There is no free speech here – you can’t do anything … Australia is a total nanny state. Sound appealing?

    There are plenty of articles about how common and ridiculous Sydneysiders are (often written by more cultured, refined and intelligent Brits and no, I’m not British). This article is my favourite:


    • I actually don’t like sydney because I prefer cooler weather and I don’t want to sit at the beach all day.. I don’t find sydney beaches that impressive either I would rather go further up north and explore there but to each their own

      • and they can take their bloody fireworks and shove them up their bum. No one cares about them bloody annoying

  39. pedo sydney

  40. Who Am I ❓ I am an uneducated group of social pariahs. Generally found driving up and down George Street in Sydney abusing innocent people. 100% of the time below taxable income status due to: laziness; lack of education; deriving all “earnings” from drug and prostitution rings and hailing from the defective gene pool of the scum of 1980’s

  41. Anaïs Sadoul

    Syndey is crap

    • I agree with everyone here. Im Sydney born Greek background. I grown up in Greek Islands, heaven, but i fucked up and took my family there 15 years ago. Like everyone says it’s a shallow city with no soul, it makes you feel like dead inside. Overrated for what?
      They can’t hold a good festival it’s always a fiasco. Google the last domain park festival. People are the most disgusting i ever met in my life, and I’ve been around a lot. Snobs show-offs materialistic dumb uncultured ego pathetic people. Funny thing they think are best in the world. Hostile racist people. If u ever manage to have a conversation with this idiots the first thing they ask you is your status your job how much you make. If you’re not in their standards and you’ll never be they ignore you.
      I been asked 4-5 times whats my background. Why the fuck this matters too?
      The government? Dictatorship…. They used to cover it to look like democracy now they don’t even care about that.
      Super over regulated, everything is forbidden. Sydney spastics will call the cops on you even if you fart.
      Bigest Police nanny state I’ve ever seen or heard.
      If you’re a man especially you are fucked. You chances to get arrested because some bitch, worst women on earth there, false accused you that you harassed her just because you hold the door for her.
      Boring boring boring like hell. No history no culture no soul, cold.
      Impossible to get a full time job nomater whats your skills. They only hire contract or casual so they dont have to pay the benefits.
      All civilized countries or not will help a single mom with an underage child up to 18yo. Not in Australia they stop the peanuts they give when child is 8. It happened to my ex wife now. You’re supposed to send your 8yo to go to work? Or sent him to sell flowers at the traffic lights??
      The super scheme there is? Another scum. If u ever see this money call me.
      They make a big deal of the terrible filthy beaches you can only swim between 10m flags and even there is extremely dangerous cause of the rip blue bottles always etc. I lived at Coogee. From the 10 times i went to beach with son the 9 was shark alarm closed cause of blue bottles, dangerous rip etc.
      Stupid low iq, bigest tight arses on earth Ozzies don’t even get it they’re the most hated tourist around the world.
      Me yes i left for good 5 months ago and will never look back! I decided to live in beautiful cultural Europe. Especially beautiful Greek Islands.

      Like somebody said here if on hasn’t seen better doesn’t know. Not just holidays but to live elsewhere for a while…..
      That makes the snob rude bogans there think they have it all!!
      You are so fucking fuck up!

      • Sorry to many spelling mistakes and typos above. Had a few beers when i wrote it.
        Like when i said i been asked 4/5 times of my background i meant EVERY FUCKING SINGLE DAY

  42. Couldn’t agree more with all of that. Hope life is well in the gorgeous Greek Islands. I’m sure you are not missing the concrete slabs of Sydney that’s for sure.

    • Thanks dude. Life isn’t perfect as i miss my son that thanks to the Australian antimen laws I’ve lost.
      Worse decision in my life to move there. Lost everything starting from scratch at almost 50yo.
      All the best for you my friend!

      • Sorry to hear that. Hope you are with your son soon.

        Following up on your beach/boring comments. Id say that after 3 days of living in Sydney we had pretty much exhausted the supply of so called ‘entertainment’ Other than drunks yelling at us for no reason the city was dead/empty after 6pm, even on weekends. As for Bondi Beach.. meh I don’t get it. Didn’t find it pretty and was bored within a few minutes. But if laying on the beach and paying 50 bucks for some eggs on toast at a cafe (while people talk about property all around you) is peoples idea of fun then okay.

        I don’t know you survived with those pretentious people living in the eastern suburbs. Then again I don’t know how I survived without being shot living in the west of Sydney. (just mugged a few times at railway stations) I guess you cant win.

  43. Sydney is boring.

    It’s nice around the harbour I won’t deny that but that’s it I would go crazy living there there is nothing else

  44. A city that appears to largely be suffering at the hands of affluenza. The general populous seem money and property obsessed, which appears to have created an environment which is both vacuous and aggressive. Locals seem parochial and vague, hanging out in (largely white) cliques. They also seem remarkably overconfident and surprisingly lack humour becoming incredibly precious if anything negative is said about the place. Little style, and sod all substance creating a breeding ground of superficiality.

    • I completely agree with you. They would have to be the most vaccuous , soul- less people I’ve ever met…wait hold on, next to southern Californians. Actually Sydney reminds a lot of LA in the US. When women in their forties and fifties need to starve themselves to feel good about themselves and to keep their marriages together you know there is something truly wrong with these people. You see this in the more affluent parts of the city. Hypercapitalist aggressive competitive arseholes with great finance skills and no soul. Welcome to the first world…

      • I agree with you both, went there over the weekend and could not wait to get home, I hadn’t been for years and it has gotten progressively worse. The city is just dull, I don’t actually get what people do there? Seriously, apart from going to the beach, which to be honest are not even the best in Australia.

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