The Perth Vibe

Somewhere to store mine workers and their children

Perth is an English speaking jewel in the Indian Ocean.  It is literally English speaking, as you will rarely hear an Australian accent above all the whinging of the red faced poms (English) who migrated to Perth in order to escape the depressing misery of a cold and damp life below stairs in the old country.  Subsequently Indian restaurants are very popular as is football hooligan type behaviour from young adults, spoiled by parents with pockets full of the mine work cash.

Perth is the world’s most remote city, it is nearer to Jakarta in Indonesia than to it’s Australian sister cities.  It takes a two day drive across the Nullabor Desert (latin for no trees and not aboriginal as it sounds) from Adelaide to get there.  The Nullabor Desert is the world’s largest piece of limestone and has the world’s longest dead straight railway section (478km).  The British used it to test nuclear weapons in the 1950s and Skylab crashed into it in 1979 following a precedent set over time by meteorites. The highway that runs through this vast scrub desert has so few bends drivers have been known to stop their vehicle, get out and ponder a while in order to remind themselves of what to do.  There are towns marked on the map in between Adelaide and Perth but the only requirement to being put on a map as a town, is a petrol bowser.  At the very end of this road just before you fall into the drop dead gorgeous saphire blue of the Indian Ocean, is Perth, forgotten by the eastern states other than for demands to share Western Australia’s vast mineral wealth.   Situated on the Swan River and very near the ocean, there is so much money sloshing about from mining projects that a house on the Swan can cost more than a house on Sydney Harbour.

The remoteness and natural wealth has increased the calls for Western Australia to become independant but this will never happen because without Western Australia’s big holes in the ground (and in the sea) the other states may perish.  Although they believe they are currently Australia’s wallet, the resentment held for the  Eastern states is not due to this but the fact that they only ever make the news when a swimmer gets taken by a Great White shark.

The climate is hot in the summer and cool and wet in winter, the coast enjoys “the doctor” (more English references) which is an evening sea breeze that ruins a pleasant afternoon on the beach but clearing it for the local dogs to poo on ready for the next days thongs.  There is a lot of residential development worryingly on sand, but in Perth there’s little else to build on.

Unless you are from a mining family, entertainment options are few but the old mining staples of binge drinking and car park fighting seem very is gate crashing parties foolishly announced on Facebook  The antisocial behaviour maybe due to the remoteness and isolation from civilised society on the east coast, totally understandable when the only escape is a day trip to Rottnest Island, an ex-prison.


  1. Long may Perth be remote from the blood sucking eastern states

  2. He Speaks The Truth

    Perth is the redneck,racist, bogan capital of Australia. It is dull and conservative. You can’t swim at the beaches as you will be eaten by a shark. There is no culture and no decent bars or restaurants. And yet it is the most expensive city in the country. It is also pathetically insecure. The only thing that it has going for it, is that it is ever so slightly less of a shit hole than Melbourne.

  3. I would agree with you – about 10 years ago Perth used to be Dullsville, but fortunatley now, with all the $$$ flowing in from the mining industry the city has grown. Abundance of pubs/clubs/restaurants/coffee shops, festivals, new stadium is being built, Yagan Square (similar to Federation square in Melb) is almost complete and Elizabeth Quay has been opened. Lots of things to do here, and the setting is more picturesque than any other city (apart from Sydney of course) 🙂

  4. It’s a beautiful city but too quiet, no atmosphere, too clean and orderly. What I find weird about Perth is how under utilized that big nice river is. You would think its toxic.

  5. Ive read all your other blogs on other cities and what I find fascinating is, Perth is the only city you’ve barley said anything negative about. Then I though, biased? but then I read other peoples comments. Everyone seems to say the same thing. From growing up in mebourne to living in Perth for the last 6 months, I can honestly say Ive never seen so many people live there lives like there robots. I also found it fascinating that Im a student living on austudy but living in an upper class suburb Wembley due to family inheritance, Ive have never met such rude snobby arrogant people in my life. Considering I don’t have to live my life based on were im going to get money for bills. my income is pocket money. these people walk around like there zombies due to the image the government portrays we have to be. I’m rich but I walk around in hoodies and people look down upon me. But in Melbourne I can walk around however I like and I don’t feel judged. Because people over east don’t give a fuck about what the government thinks we should look like and live.

  6. Perth, a magnet for dull sanctimonious pricks who are shit scared of having fun.

  7. Perth is a fucking POLICE STATE and no one there has fucking clue because that’s how controlled they are.

  8. robert burgos

    Perth; definately not a good city for singles

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