The progression of restless Australian souls is to move north with Darwin being the last stop.   This small tropical city has a relatively large population of public servants but also a wild and rugged reputation.  The last outpost and with PNG just over there it is a strange place.  It is home to Australia’s best newspaper the NT News a completely addictive tabloid with sensationalist headlines usually featuring  crocodiles on the front page .

Booze used to be a problem, a lot of time was wasted going to the bar or fridge for a drink. so over sized Darwin stubbies became the solution, the tropical climate makes for few visits to the toilet.  Almost as remote as Perth and even nearer to Asia it feels Asian.  Do not swim in the sea because of the salt water crocodiles, sharks, sea snakes and marine stingers, in fact don’t go anywhere near the water, it is dangerous beyond belief.  Cyclone Tracey wiped much of the city out in the 1970s and this time was rebuilt with cyclones in mind.  The brochures all state there are two seasons the glorious dry and the wet but the transition to wet from dry is a third “crazy season”. As the dry sucks in moistureready for the wet the humidity is so great that it drives the locals to become crazy, only

  1. So its hot. Incredibly freaking hot. Stick your head in a freezer hot, and did I mention the heat?

  2. I hate Darwin – nasty dirty beard and all that evolution nonsense, whats that about eh?

  3. Fucking hot. So fucking hot. And sticky. What’s the weather today? You don’t need to check, 32 degrees and fucking hot, like it always is.

    Want to go somewhere? Don’t bother, there’s no other civilization within 2000 miles. So just sit around and get drunk instead. It might take your mind of the fact that it is hot. So fucking hot.

  4. Should have let the Japs bomb it to oblivion and take it. They would have given it back cause its too hot. Tomorrow weather report fucking hot and boring again.

    Q:What do you call a Abo in Drawin in a Rolls Royce?
    A: A thief.

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