Canberra wore glasses few social skills and was quite simply “Miss Bossy Boots”. She would never stop telling the others what to do and how to do it, which became so very tiresome for the others that they tended to avoid and ignore her altogether. She showed little emotion and could be very cold, always butting into conversations that the others were having without really understanding or listening to what it was about, she thought her sisters understood how clever she was when infact they thought her rather stupid. Canberra preferred high art to the trivial things some of the others liked and regarded herself their superior even though she was the youngest and certainly a surprise arrival.


  1. Under Secretary

    Public servants and more public servants and a range of poorly paid service staff paying taxes that are used to pay the public servants that sneer at them. A well resourced dump.

  2. Brad Coward

    Everyone I know who lives in Canberra tells me that it would be less painless to be killed in a plane crash !

  3. Stephen from ThePunch

    I had a Czech girlfriend once who said she liked Canberra cause it wasn’t like Prague.

  4. Canberra used to be a good place till all the Sydney and Melbourne lot took over

  5. Like an oversized University campus for politicians and public servants. It’s sterile, over landscaped and lacks any sense of character or community. It’s also dryer than Adelaide and colder than Tasmania.

  6. It’s better than Melbourne.

  7. It's all about the weather

    That’s like saying eating vomit is better than eating a turd

  8. A public servant was on his way home from work in Canberra and as traffic came to a dead halt he thought to himself, “This is unusual.”
    He noticed a police officer walking between the lines of stopped cars, so he rolled down his window and asked, “Officer, what’s the hold-up?” The officer replied, “Tony Abbot is depressed, so he stopped his motorcade and is threatening to douse himself with petrol and set himself on fire. So we’re taking up a collection for him.”
    The public servant asks, “How much have you got so far?”
    The officer replies, “About 200 litres, but a lot of people are still siphoning.”

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