City of bottom of the barrel festivals

Named after German Royalty and with an old established German community Adelaide regards itself as superior to the others, being freely settled it did not have a convict past.  This is surprising as it is known as Australia’s serial killer capital.  There’ll be no more mention of Snowtown and the like, to be fair, all Australian cities can boast dangerous pchycopaths. Adelaide is known for its many churches and in its early days enjoyed religious freedoms which is a good reason to give the place a miss.  A second reason would be the water, sourced from the Murray, it has a rather unpleasant taste giving one the impression that the water company’s storage facilities should be checked for bodies.  It sits on the same latitude as Sydney and enjoys a very pleasant Mediterranean climate, but summer can bring in the desert heat and scorch the place for days on end producing one of the only annual news stories about Adelaide that gets national exposure, the long periods of heat produce fatalities.

With national news exposure limited to only the horrific, the South Australian state government has tried valiantly to steer away from the morose and promotes Adelaide as the “City of Festivals”.  Unfortunately these are the festivals that no one else wanted and if you ever wonder where all living statue street performers go – they go to Adelaide.

  1. Adelaide is not as bad as that it has Mike Rann

  2. Ginger Glasses

    Its a most annoying place as its always shut.

  3. FaceBook account I hate Adelaide

    A soulless, boring backwater in the middle of nowhere.

  4. From

    Due to the fact that Adelaide was started as a British experiment in systematic colonization that didn’t use convict labour, it’s hard to see exactly why there’s a city of it’s size here

  5. There is a strong voice for anti development which pisses off some people (including me), so you won’t find brand new and exciting developments like Fed Square or the like.

  6. Adelaide is a shit city, filled to the brim with wealthfare bums. if you were to take some photos of rundle mall, some photos of chinatown, some photos of churches, some photos of glenelg square and say this is adelaide you would be lying through your teeth. nice things only occupy a very, very small portion of this city. the rest is ugly and low density.

  7. Well a bit of a tired, somewhat childish summary of Adelaide, what’s your next title “Melbourne the terrorist capital of Australia” ? You’ve got it wrong about Adelaide’s festivals, which are amongst the most successful on the planet and draw people from around the world. Our arts / festivals have been established longer then most of the nation, for example the Adelaide Festival of Arts was established 26 years before the Melbourne Festival and 17 years before the Sydney festival, Adelaide is with out doubt the foundation city of Arts festivals in Australia.

  8. The Festivals in adelaide are mostly entered around one month , then for the other 11 months of the year there is nothing, major headline bands and performers have always had difficulty coming to adelaide because of the nature of the place, fans hedge on tickets and the promotors can’t afford the risk, so no large acts, the state government is either corrupt, inept, incompetent or all three ,Unemployment is the highest in australia, there is a ice pandemic waiting to happen in the lower socio economic suburbs, Bikies have free reign to do what they want and the adelaide boys club sees to it that no newcomer gets a job of influence, lest they do something good. and yes the wineries are good, but not a patch on the french and spanish ones, people tell me in adelaide that “its not what you know, it is who you know”, this ensures that not always the best person gets the job, and look at how adelaide has prospered under this method ?

  9. I have endured Adelaide for 18 months and hate this bottomless, hole. I have lived all around Australia and globally so when moving here for uni looked forward to a change. Instead it has sucked all life out of me to point death would be a release. Its a dump, a lifeless shithole and have no idea how i can endure 18 more months here in hell . Adelaide is fucking horrible.

  10. Unliveable in so much as that it is not far enough away from Melbourne, and we have to drink New South Wales’ and Victoria’s shit.

  11. I have a friend in Adelaide I feel very sorry for her

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