Melbourne – most livable city?

Yet another Economist “World’s most livable city” report mixes up the usual suspects, this time Melbourne is on top above Vancouver.  Just what are they using as a metric?  As it is a magazine for economists it must be based on economist type preferences.  Weather will not have any sway as economists like to sit in climate controlled offices in suits and ties.  Stepping outside without removing the suit jacket and loosening the tie needs a cold climate like Melbourne so I can see the advantage there.  Economists like simplistic models to work with so an easy to read street map must be another part of the yardstick.  Economists love graphs like toddlers love sparkly mobiles, so anything that has a graph like trace will excite and the muddy Yarra River observed from a top floor hotel room, while on an expense accounted corporate jolly, must be heavenly.   So there you have it economists love Melbourne – good reason not to go there.

… I won’t mention the large number of strip clubs.


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