Kick a City

                                               kickacity /kik’ah siti/ noun reckless criticism

                        Melbourne   Sydney   Brisbane  Adelaide  Hobart  Darwin  Canberra  Perth             
Australian cities are pretty desirable places to live but Australians have a continual debate as to which is the best.   Mention you quite like another and it is taken it as a personal slight.  The fur rises and a volley of put downs,  slurs and abuse flies that leaves you thinking that there must have been a period where these desirable cities were at war.

If you have any petty grievance against these cities here’s the place to throw some bottles from the back of the room. Please line up whichever city has ‘done you wrong’ whip away with your keyboard.

Melbourne   Sydney   Brisbane  Adelaide  Hobart  Darwin  Canberra  Perth   
Unload all your nasty cheap shots so that others may be enlightened by your venom.  

Remember what mother said  “…  if you haven’t got anything nice to say – then be really nasty”.

     HAPPY BOOTING –  Kicker